DECA Launches New Game Focused Site

Santa Monica-based DECA, a venture-backed digital entertainment studio, announced today that the firm has rolled out another web video show, this time focused on massively multiplayer online games. According to DECA, Project Lore will focus on the World of Warcraft (WOW) video game, and will be hosted by Alex Albrecht. Albrecht is the former co-host of the TechTV series The Screen Savers, and hosts the popular Diggnation podcast show. According to DECA, the Project Lore site will feature Albrecht and buddies taking on various World of Warcraft levels and challenges, and include tips and other information on a companion site. The show will also be distributed through ZAM Network, which runs a network of online game content web sites. Other sponsors include Falcon Northwest, a manufacturer of gaming PCs.


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