Disney Cancels Tech Layoffs In Burbank

Disney/ABC Television, which had planned to replace about 35 information technology workers split between its New York and Burbank offices with imported H-1B workers from an outsourcer, has abruptly cancelled those plans. Disney had told its workers in May that it would be replacing them with workers--imported from India--from outsourcer Cognizant. It's unclear why Disney cancelled, the move, although the company has come under intense fire for replacing its employees with foreign, H-1B workers--and forcing those same employees to train their replacements.

The move by Disney--as well as a similar one at Southern California Edison--has triggered an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor of violations and abuse of the conditions of H-1B program. Large companies, such as Microsoft and Google, have long been a proponent of the programs, which make it easier for them to fill many open positions; however, critics point out that outsourcing companies represent the biggest number of companies who are using the H-1B.