Domain Associates In Chinese Healthcare Venture

San Diego-based Domain Associates is thinking outside the box. The venture capital box, that is. The venture capital investor said Wednesday that it has linked with Chinese advisory firm Elite Consulting, to bring advanced healthcare products and technologies to China. Domain said the new partnership, Domain Elite, will create new companies and joint ventures in China, which will provide Western companies the financing, regulatory, medical, and marketing support and infrastructure needed to bring their breakthrough products to China.

The move is the second, out-of-the-box effort created by Domain Associates in the international space; last year, the venture investor linked up with the country of Russia in an unusual, $760M late stage investment fund specifically to help invest in emerging companies, transfer technology into Russia, and establish new companies in that country.

In this latest effort, Domain said the partnership is expected to be focused on pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and medical devices, and will result in "multiple" emerging businesses in China over the next few years. Domain said it provided seed finacning to Domain Elite, and will contribute "more significant" capital for each new technology which is introduced into the Chinese market.