Donuts Inc. Tops Generic TLD List

Donuts Inc., the domain name registration startup which has strong ties to Demand Media, looks to be the dominant applicant for ICANN's new top level domains, in a telling graphic released by law firm Loeb & Loeb today. The infographic, released via ReadWriteWeb, shows, visually, how Donuts Inc. is far and above the top applicant for those new, generic TLDs -- with 307 applications for TLDs, dwarfing even Google, which had a mere 101 applications. Donuts Inc. has raised $100M for its efforts. The company is headed by former Demand Media President and Chief Strategy Officer Paul Stahura, who headed up Demand Media's domain registration business, eNom, until 2009. Donuts Inc. and Demand Media have a deal where Demand Media will be acquiring some of those generic TLDs; Demand Media itself applied for 26 gTLDs as part of the ICANN move to open up domain extensions to third parties.