DreamHammer Launches Drone, Robot Control Software

In the second piece of aerial drone news to come out of Southern California today, Santa Monica-based software developer DreamHammer said it has launched a beta of its drone control software, aimed at controlling unmanned drones and robotics from multiple, different manufacturers in a single system. The company said its Ballista intelligent control platform has been providing its software to the defense, intelligence, and homeland security market. The company said it is now looking at applying the technology to different industries, including transportation, logistics, agriculture, and law enforcement.

DreamHammer said it had revenues of $6M in 2012, and offers up its technology via a software development kit (SDK) that can be licensed by developers to integrate their drones, robots and third party apps. The company's announcement comes on the same day that news of another, unmanned drone technology firm here in the area--Airware--announced a funding round from Google and Andreessen Horowitz.

Southern California's part of the unmanned aerial vehicle industry includes such companies as DIY Drones (which allows you to buy hardware and software to create your own, personal drone) and Aerovironment, one of the major suppliers of unmanned drones to the military--which is also looking at the commercial market.


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