DreamHost Debuts Public Cloud Storage Service Into GA

DreamHost, the Los Angeles-based web hosting and cloud services provider, said Tuesday that it has debuted its DreamObjects public cloud storage service into general availability, aiming the service at application storage, Web site backup, content storage, disaster recovery, as well as personal backups. The new service--which is built on Ceph, the open source storage project spun out of DreamHost--follows an earlier, smaller scale launch of the service last year to a smaller audience.

DreamObjects said it now has thousands of users using the service, which costs a low 7 cents per GB of storage, with 7 cents per GB of transfer-out bandwidth. The company said it is offering up a 100GB and 100GB bandwidth, 30-day trial for the service, which is also compatible with Amazon S3's APIs. The company said it is both aiming at casual users and developers with the service,

DreamHost's DreamObjects service is based on the massively scalable, distributed storage system Ceph, which was created by Dreamhost co-founder Sage Weil; Ceph has since spun out into its own, independent software firm to further develop Ceph and support a wide range of customers implementing the storage service.