DreamHost Planning Software Spinout

Los Angeles-based hosting provider DreamHost, the provider of web hosting and managed hosting services, is planning a new, open source software spinout, the firm revealed this week, as it looks to leverage its work on the Ceph open source project for distributed storage. The Ceph open source project is a distributed storage software package which was originally created by Dreamhost co-founder Sage Weil for his doctoral dissertation at UC Santa Cruz. DreamHost said that the un-named new company will be headed by Bryan Bogensberger, and will provide professional services and long-term support for Ceph. A report from the 451 Group says that the new company currently has a headcount of 11, and is actively hiring around four employees per month for development and QA efforts. The 451 report also said that Dreamhost is in discussion with venture capitalists and strategic investors on the effort.


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