DTS Launches Android Connected, Whole Home Audio System With Phorus Buy

Calabasas-based audio processing technology firm DTS is expanding into the Internet-connected, whole home audio market today, saying that it has released an Android-based, whole home audio system. The new product provides a remote speaker and receiver which wireless connects with Android phones and tablets, allowing users to wirelessly stream music and other audio to the speaker from an Android app. DTS said the new product also connects directly into existing home audio systems, also make them part of its whole home audio network. The new system also can synchronize streams of music to multiple speakers, or stream separate music tracks to different devices and speakers in different rooms. The new system looks to be direct competition for Santa Barbara-based Sonos, and its own wireless, whole home audio systems. The new competition comes thanks to the acquisition of Los Angeles-based Phorus, the wireless home audio speaker firm headed by Dannie Lau. DTS said that Phorus is now a subsidiary of the firm, and that its new Phorus subsidiary continues to be headed by Lau.