ecoATM Hits Three Million Devices Collected

San Diego-based ecoATM, which operates a network of automated, electronic recycling kiosks, reports today that it has now collected a total of three million devices. The company said the total include all of the phones, tablets, and MP3 players it has collected since being founded in 2008. ecoATM said that more than a third of those--one million devices--were collected since January of this year. According to ecoATM, the most recycled devices through its kiosks are the Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. ecoATM's kiosks evaluate a consumer's unused or unwanted phones, and gives an on-the-spot trade in price for those devices. Consumers can accept those prices, or--even if those devices are mostly worthless--can get those devices recycled for free form the company. ecoATM says it now has approximately 1,100 of its kiosks in shopping malls and retailers nationwide.