EcoMom's Jody Sherman Passes Away

Jody Sherman, founder and CEO of Los Angeles-based startup Ecomom, has passed away, according posts on his Facebook account and in multiple reports. Details on Sherman's death have not been released or confirmed by EcoMom or his family, however, the news first came via a post credited to his wife, Kerri, on Facebook. EcoMom is venture backed by Blue Pacific Ventures, Crosslink Capital, Cue Ball, Rising Tide, Vegas Tech Rhodium and Embarcadero Ventures; it's unclear on how the company plans to move forward after the loss of its CEO and founder.

EcoMom started its life as Sprout Baby, a organic baby food company, and later shifted to selling consumables for parents. Sherman told us in an interview that he got his start selling phones to venture capitalists in Silicon Valley. He later was one of the first twenty employees at Lycos, and also founded, which he sold to He also started a company which was eventually acquired by Xoom, which they then sold to NBC Internet, and his prior firm to EcoMom he had sold to Virgin Group.