eHarmony Completes IT Infrastructure Refresh

Santa Monica-based eHarmony--which has been in the midst of a major refresh of its externally facing design, apps, and business to cater to the new, mobile user base--said this week that it has also completed a major, IT infrastructure refresh on the back of its services. According to eHarmony, it completed the first phase of a refresh and a new architecture, which it says will help it handle more subscribers, more traffic from mobile users, and more engagement and communications between its matches. The company said it reduced its physical servers by at least 40 percent, implementation of private cloud infrastructure, blade servers, virtualization, and implementation of a Hadoop 2.0 architecture. eHarmony has a lot of competition out there nowadays, including crosstown competitors like Tinder, Three Day Rule, BeLinked, Whim, Flikdate, Let's Date and out of towners like Hinge and TrulySocia.