Employees Support Employer Monitoring, Mostly

A recent study, conducted by Harris Interactive and sponsored by San Diego-based WebSense reports that 92 percent of all employees report that they believe that their company has the right to install internet filtering technology. The Web@Work survey, conducted in March by Harris and released last week, also showed that the majority (61 percent) of employees use the Internet at work for personal reasons, and that over half (50 percent) would give up their morning coffee rather than lose the ability to use the internet at work for personal use. The most popular personal uses of the Internet at work were accessing online maps (83 percent), news sites (80 percent), and weather sites (76 percent). The report also showed that 12 percent of employees have accessed adult sites at work, although 95 percent of them said that the visits were accidental. Companies like WebSense and others have been gaining customers from companies looking to reduce their liability problems from inappropriate surfing at work.


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