Enplug, Startup Vitamins' Modern Version Of The Motivational Poster

Anyone who works or has worked in a corporate environment is familiar with the motivitional poster--with their upbeat messages and motivating statements. In a modern day update on that age old corporate standby, Los Angeles-based Enplug this week said it has partnered with Startup Vitamins, another Los Angeles startup, to feature motivational Startup Vitamins posters on Enplug's big displays. Startup Vitamins sells all kinds of motivational posters to corporate offices, with clients such as Zappos, Nike, Google, Path, LinkedIn, Twitter and others--featuring quotes from Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and many others. The displays from Enplug take those posters from static, traditional wall posters to dynamic, interactive screens. Enplug ofers up an open SDK to help developers create their own apps for its big displays.