EQAL Licenses Lonelygirl15 in Poland

Los Angeles-based EQAL, the online entertainment firm behind lonelygirl15, announced Wednesday that the firm has signed a license agreement with a Polish production firm. EQAL said the deal will allow Agora and A2 Multimedia to create a new story based on the firm's lonelygirl15 "social shows." The new series--called n1ckola--will feature more than 100 episodes, running from one to five minutes long. The story will run on a dedicated web site focused on the Polish market. Financial terms of the agreement were not announced, however EQAL said that Agora will gain rights to the lonelygirl15 brand name, logo, plot, characters and mythology; the two companies will work together on new story, character creation and development, scripts and storyline. EQAL said the new series will be sponsored by Microsoft, Hasbro, Polkomtel and Samsung. n1kola is the second, international version of lonelygirl15 from EQAL, which also created an UK-based version, Katemodern.


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