Eventup Launches Venue Booking Site, Backed by Science, Inc.

Los Angeles-based Eventup, a new startup backed by Mike Jones Science, Inc. "digital studio", launched today, saying that it will help people find and book venues for their parties, weddings, and more. The startup--headed by Tony Adam--creates a marketplace which lets people find exclusive venues directly from private property owners. Jones, in an interview, described EventUp as an "Airbnb for venues", a comparison to the popular service which allows people to rent out spare rooms to travelers.

Tony Adam is the former Director of Online Marketing at MySpace, and also worked with Science's Peter Pham at Billshrink, at Yahoo, and more. According to Science, it will let people find everything from private beach homes, to restaurants, to the set of HBO's Entourage and the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. The service makes it easier for people to both book and offer up their own homes for parties, weddings, birthdays, and more. The firm is one of the first to come out of Science Inc, which is headed by former MySpace CEO Michael Jones and Photobucket and Billshrink's Peter Pham.


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