EverySignal Officially Launches To Filter Out Important Moments

Tired of missing the important moments in that firehose of social updates from your friends? EverySignal, the latest startup out of startup incubator/studio Science, Inc. officially launched today to tackle that problem. EverySignal said it has created a new service--built on machine learning algorithms and social search software--to help filter out life's most important moments from users' social streams. EverySignal said its service cuts through the clutter and calls attention to "important life moments" in social streams, such as highlighting births, engagements, promotions, a new home, and other moments. EverySignal--which has been in soft launch since September--delivers email notifications to let users know about the important events in their social circle, rather than having to filter through a deluge of social networking updates and data. The firm's CEO and founder is Derek Merrill.