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Evolution Robotics Expands Into Floor Cleaning Robots

Pasadena-based Evolution Robotics, the Idealab firm working on robot technology, announced today that it has begun taking pre-orders for its Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner, a robot which cleans floors using cleaning cloths such as Swiffer and other similar cleaning products. The firm said the product--which is the first, retail product for the company--will be available directly in Q3, and in retail outlets in Q4, for under $250. The new product pits Evolution Robotics directly against robotic cleanings firm Roomba, and expands Evolution Robotics from its prior focus on providing its back-end robotic technology to manufacturers and designers to the retail market. Evolution Robotics said the firm's Mint cleaner will be available for pre-order by consumers, who will be required to put down a deposit of $20.00 to reserve their units. Evolution has previously supplied its technology to such firms as Sony, Bandai, Sharper Image, and KDDI.





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