Evolution Robotics Sees Shortages On Strong Demand

Pasadena-based Evolution Robotics, the robotics technology firm out of Idealab, reports today that its first foray into the commercial market is seeing strong sales demand. The firm said that it has sold out of the firm's newly introduced Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner at some retail locations, and is anticipating limited supplies through the holidays. The firm did not say how many units it has been shipping, but said it is working with retailers to make the firm's robotic floor cleaner available to consumers in time for Christmas.

Evolution Robotics has been selling its Mint cleaner to consumers through such retail chains as Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The firm reports that it has specifically set up a hotline for that chain, which will allow customers at those stores to buy and receive a unit before Christmas; the firm said it is shipping the Mint, free of charge, to customers at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

The company introduced the Mint in September, focusing in on cleaning hard floors using cleaning cloths such as the Swiffer and other similar products. The new retail product is a first for the firm, which previously was licensing its technology to others. Evolution Robotics is headed by Paolo Pirjanian.


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