EvoNexus Launches Incubator Effort With Cisco

Startup entrepreneurs in San Diego have yet more resources at the EvoNexus startup incubator, after EvoNexus and Cisco said that they will be launching a new, joint incubation program called CiscoEIR@EvoNexus. According to the two, the new program is aimed at helping promote further technology development in the San Diego Area, by connecting early stage, business-to-business startups with Cisco and its partners. The two said that Cisco will help provide financial support, use of co-working space, access to mentors, and more. The two did not say how much Cisco is investing in the program or how much it will invest in those companies. EvoNexus--whichi s run by CommNexus--said so far, companies out of its incubator have raiesd over $541M in funding; the incubator says it currently has 31 companies in incubation and 29 graduates.