Ez Texting Takes On Free Texting For Businesses

In today's mobile phone driven world, most consumers now take texting for granted. However, businesses have been notoriously behind the curve when it comes to using the communications medium for their customer outreach and marketing. In an effort to make it easier for businesses to tap into the popularity of texting, Ez Texting--part of Santa Monica-based CallFire--said this week that it has launched a free product which lets businesses send out everything from coupons, appointment reminders, bill notifications, to emergency alerts.

The company said the only limitation of the free plan is how many messages that can be sent from an account per month. Ez Texting said it limits the free plan to 250 text messages monthly, with options to upgrade if needed. According to Ron Burr, the CEO of CallFire, the company is using the same kind of strategy as he did when he was at NetZero, offering up a free product and making it possible to upgrade if necessary. CallFire offers up a wide range of telephony APIs and services; the new Ez Texting service makes it easier for a wider customer base to tap into the back end infrastructure the firm has developed for texting and telephony, without having to develop those apps themselves.


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