FieldLevel Launches Matching Algorithm For Sports Recruiting

Can a software algorithm help student athletes and coaches connect better? Los Angeles-based FieldLevel, which operates an online social network aimed at coaches and sports recruiting, said Friday that it has rolled out new technology its says allows coaches to more easily identify student athletes, making it easier for teams to attract better talent. FieldLevel--which is headed by Brenton Sullivan--says it takes over 51 data points to help match up athletes with colleges. The firm says its algorithm uses information--for example, pitching speed--to help athletes and teams narrow down matches. FieldLevel explained that, if a pitcher's velocity goes from 86 to 88MPH, its system narrows down the teams most likely to recruit or draft an athlete.

FieldLevel has initially been targeting its technology at college baseball teams, and claims it now has 80 percent of that market, in addition to five Major League Baseball teams; the company also says it will be opening up its platform to other sports verticals. The firm has been looking to bring a combination of algorithms and social networking among coaches to better match up athletes and teams, as an alternative to recruiting services.


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