FishAlerts Taps Esri Technology For Fishing App

Newport Beach-based Great Outdoors Mobile and Redlands-based mapping and GIS software developer Esri said this week that Great Outdoors Mobile has released a new mobile app called FishAlerts!, which lets fishing enthusiasts tap into data on marine protected areas, weather, and tides based on GPS location. The new app uses Esri's GIS and mapping technology as a key part of the app. The new app also allows fishermen to swap fishing stories, post photos, and share information on Facebook and Twitter.

The new app is part of a push by Esri to make its technology more accessible to startups and entrepreneurial software developers; the company's technology is well known in the government and corporate world, but only recently has been making its technology more accessible to third party software developers. The two companies said that the Great Outdoors Mobile team is using Esri Ocean Basemap and ArcGIS to integrate data about restricted fishing areas or closures into the application.


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