FLIR Systems Expands In Goleta

FLIR Systems, a developer of thermal imaging and other camera systems for the surveillance, airborne observation, manufacturing, research and development, and other uses, said Thursday afternoon that it has acquired two Goleta office buildings, as part of an expansion of its Commercial Systems division. According to FLIR, it purchased 170,000 square feet in two building, so that its Commercial Systems Division can expand its central California operations. FLIR specifically said it is looking to tap into the talent coming from the University of California Santa Barbara in the expannsion. FLIR acquired the buildings from real estate developer SARES REGIS Group. The building are currently being leased to Dupont, Northrop, Raytheon, General Electric, Safe Labs and Sientra, with leases due to expire in 2014. FLIR said the new building can accomodate up to 510 workers, but the firm did not say how many new employees it intends to hire in the Santa Barbara region. FLIR is based in Portland.


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