FreedomPop Launches New Family Plan

Los Angeles-based mobile service provider FreedomPop has launched a new, pre-paid family plan, and a free family wireless bundle of up to 1GB of free data and free voice calls and texts, the company said on Wednesday. FreedomPop said families can have as many as 10 lines on its famil plans, with a $5 line fee per line, and additional, larger data plans starting at $15.00. FreedomPop contrasted its free data plans with those fram major carriers, which can cost more than $70 and up per month; the company says families can save more than $1,000 a year by using its services. The company makes it money through premium data plans, which range from 2GB of shared data for $14.99 per month to 25GB of shared data for $159.99 a month.