Friday Tech Video Roundup for November 16th, 2012

Some of the highlights from this week from socalTECH's video section, where we're currently featuring community videos from and about local startups:

Peter Pham of Science Inc. with Mario Andretti

Peter Pham, of Los Angeles technology studio/incubator Science Inc., apparently likes not just his startups to move fast, but also his cars.

Introducing the PublishThis Content Cloud

An explanation of PublishThis and its content curation software.

Phone Halo's WalletTrackr pitch video

Santa Barbara's Phone Halo pitches the idea of its GPS/Bluetooth wallet tracking device in this (kinda campy) video.

Planning your family vacation with MiniTime

Los Angeles MiniTime debuted its service this week to help families find reviews and information for their family vacation.

SpaceX Grasshopper

SpaceX tests its Grasshoppper, vertical takeoff and landing technology earlier this month.

Call of Black Duty: Black Ops II Trailer

Activision launched its latest Call of Duty title, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, on November 13th.

Image courtesy Bigstock.


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