Friday Tech Video Roundup for Southern California

Some of the higlights from this week from socalTECH's video, section, where we're currently highlighting community videos from and about local startups:

Image Metrics Mojo Masks iPhone App

Image Metrics released a new iPhone application this week, which uses facial tracking to display virtual "masks" on an iPhone, overlaid on a user's face.

RewardTag Sends Its Tags Into Space

In a stunt to see how well its tags work, RewardTag sent up its tag into space (well, up into the atmosphere) last year to see if someone would recover its tag and claim a reward.

The Making of the LEGO reception desk at Cross Campus

The story behind the LEGO reception desk at the Los Angeles Cross Campus, the space which offers up room for startups.

Startups' Gangnam Style Parody: Workin' Startup Style

Startups parody "Gangnam Style" -- complete with two SoCal firms, UberMedia and PerfectMarket.

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