WD, Twentieth Century Fox, and Warner Bros. Link On Digital Movies

Irvine-based hard drive maker Western Digital, and Los Angeles-based studios Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group, along with flash storage maker SanDisk, said today they have created a new organization called the Secure Content Storage Association (SCSA). According to the firms, the new group is working on "Project Phoenix", an effort to develop standards around transferring premium, high definition content to local and portable hard drives and flash memory, for playback on televisions, laptops, Blu-ray players, tablets, mobile phones, or game consoles. The firms said the new technology will support full 1080p high definition digital movies and TV shows. The group said its solutions will be designed to work with the UltraViolet (UV) ecosystem and other, high definition content protection technology such as Intel Insider. The group plans to license its technology to others.


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