Insights and Opinions: The Key to Success with Angel Investors

What's the best way to connect with an angel investor, and how do you get them to pay attention to your company? Steve Reich, a Southern California entrepreneur and investor, says it's all about one thing: respecting their culture. In the latest contribution to our Insights and Opinions section, where we feature editorials and advice from the community, Steve talks about the key to success with angel investors:

We are all trained to be sensitive to other cultures, but tend to forget those lessons when meeting investors. You are so anxious to get your story out, that you don't pay attention to the cultural norms on the other side. If you want to succeed, learn how to connect with your Angel audience.

Everyone has heard how to pitch: 1) great idea, 2) big market, 3) hockey stick revenue chart. Angel groups (such as the Pasadena Angels) even publish their requirements online. It's not enough to have the killer idea and a great pitch. You have to know your audience, and speak directly to them in ways they understand.

You can do it in a few simple steps.

Learn their process. Most Angel groups will allow you to attend a screening or pitch meeting. This is your chance to learn how they work and meet the key players. (More...)

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