Lifecrowd, EventUp Team Up

Two of the newest startups to emerge out of Southern California's technology and accelerator scene, Lifecrowd, and Eventup, are partnering, to join Lifecrowd's social activities site with Eventup's service to help people book exclusive private residences and locations for their events. According to the two, they will showcase "distinctive" Eventup locations with Lifecrowd's activities, through a series of events. Lifecrowd the first startup out of Erik Rannala's MuckerLab accelerator program, and Eventup was one of the first companies to launch out of Mike Jones' Science, Inc. technology studio. The two said they will start with a sushi making event at Geisha Studios. In addition to the events, the two said they will make it easy for activity hosts to create an activity on Lifecrowd, and at the same time click through to Eventup to find and book unique venue spaces. Lifecrowd's service helps people find events and activities to do with others, to find new friends and meet new people. Eventup is making it easier to find and rent things like private residences, mansions, and beachside bungalows for private parties. Lifecrowd is headed by Bong Koh, and Eventup is the startup run by Tony Adam.