GameSalad Revisits Game Publishing Efforts

Los Angeles- and Austin-based GameSalad, the developer of iPhone game creation software, told its users late last week that it has revisited its plans to launch GameSalad Direct, a new game publishing effort by the firm. GameSalad Direct would have allowed users to publish games under a single, GameSalad title, in exchange for revenue share on games. According to GameSalad, in a note to its users, it will be launching a new subscription and membership program which would allow developers to continue to publish games under their own, Apple developer accounts. The company said the new program would have no "per app" submission costs and revenue share. Based on comments in the firm's online user forums, users--particularly the more advanced users with their own brand names--had not been happy about the terms of GameSalad Direct. GameSalad had announced the new service on October 12th.


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