Geodelic Confirms Verizon Relationship

Santa Monica-based Geodelic, the location-based mobile application development firm run by Rahul Sonnad, confirmed its relationship with Verizon last week. Verizon has been an investor in the firm since June, and Geodelic has been developing applications with Verizon over the last year. Geodelic has been privately discussing its relationship with Verizon with investors all year, but had not officially confirmed the relationship until last week. Geodelic has previously raised funding from Clearstone Ventures, Shasta Ventures and MK Capital, all of whom also participated in that June investment. Geodelic is powering Verizon's GeoGuides application, which Geodelic has been showing off privately since Sonnad took the stage at Twiistup in Los Angeles in January, with his ukulele-studded pitch for Geodelic.


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