German Thin Film Solar Cell Firm Sets Up Shop In Los Angeles

German thin-film solar module manufacturer Sulfurcell, in an expansion into the United States, said today that it has established new North American operations out of new offices in Los Angeles. According to Sulfurcell, it is backed by Intel Capital and develops CIS/CIGSe-based thin film solar modules, for rooftop and buliding integrated applications. Sulfurcell did not say how large of an office and how many employees will be based here, but said it will be developing a network of system integrators and installers throughout North America from the office, headed by Boris von Bormann. Other solar technology firms in the region include Solarmer Energy, Amonix, eSolar, Soliant Energy, Kyocera, SolarReserve, International Solar Electric Technology, TiSol, among others.


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