Gigit Looks To Become The Airbnb of Live Music

Can booking live bands and music for your party or event be as easy as it is to find a room to rent via Airbnb? A Los Angeles startup, Gigit--still in early beta--thinks so, and has begun offering up event planners and others a way to tap into a marketplace of bands and other musicians who will play live. Gigit has quietly scored angel funding from such prominent investors as Paige Craig to work on its project. The startup is led by Tegan Monique Gaan, who is also an evanglist at accelerator

Gigit says on its web site that it can be used for as diverse as things as finding someone to serenade your true love at the office, book an "epic" Rush Week fraternity party, hire a Mariachi band to follow a workmate at a birthday, or to hire live music and DJs for a salon, wine bar, or gallery. The company has not said when it plans to exit its private beta, but currently is signing up artists, event organizers, and even music fans on its site.