Gipper Launches Sports Video App

Los Angeles-based Gipper Media--a new app inspired by a high school entrepreneurship project--has launched, with the backing of Pandora co-founder and SoCal technology vet Jon Kraft and former Chief Software Architect Girish Venkat. According to Gipper, its new app allows anyone to post, organize, share high school sports, letting players, parents, coaches, schools, and other upload sports highlights. The app was created by Matthew Glick, now a sophomore at Colgate University, and who came up with the idea while at Harvard-Westlake High School. The new app was created in conjunction with startup incubator LiftOff, which is led by Kraft and Venkat. Kraft also was the founder of Thrively, UberMedia, and BigStage Entertainment, among other companies. Venkat was also co-founder of Thrively, and also founded CoreObjects.