Givit Inks Deal With CIsco's FlipShare

San Diego-based Givit, a new online video sharing service which is backed by ATA Ventures and JK&B Ventures, said today that it has linked its service with users of Cisco's Flip video camera and online video storage service FlipShare. According to Givit, it will provide a way for users of FlipShare with a way to private share videos with friends, family, and colleagues. Cisco, which is shutting down its Flip video division, has told its users that it will run its FlipShare service until December 31, 2013. The new deal allows those FlipShare videos to instead store and share their videos to Givit, transferring their videos to Givit's online video storage services. Givit provides up to 2GB of video to users, and offers up additional, premium packages for additional capacity. Financial details between Givit and Cisco were not announced. Givit is headed by Greg Kostello, and looks to be a new incarnation or offshoot of video sharing site VMIX.