Good Clean Fund Looks To Help Nonprofits Raise Funding, Support

Are you involved with a nonprofit or social enterprise, wishing you had better tools to raise funding for your important causes, but not able to shell out the thousands of dollars necessary to purchase those tools from software vendors? A new service, Good Clean Fund--powered by local startup looking to change that, by offering up a free tool for helping nonprofit fundraise via crowdfunding. said the new service--which is free to nonprofits--lets users create drag-and-drop fundraising campaigns, which incorporate crowdfunding features such as rewards, social sharing tools, and more. In a shift from current crowdfunding sites, the new service does not charge a portion of funds raised--other sites usually charge 4-9 percent in commission--and the service is instead planning on offering up future, premium features to help with fundraising efforts. The service also lets nonprofits create custom branded pages, add their own text, images, buttons, and other features, and handles both long term projects as well as short term, crowdfunding projects.


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