Google Shuts Urchin, Other Services

Internet giant Google said Friday that it will be shutting down web analytics service Urchin, the onetime San Diego startup which had been acquired by Google in April of 2005. According to a post from Urchin co-founder Paul Muret, the shutdown comes as the software has been overtaken by Google Analytics, which had originally started as an online version of the Urchin software. Urchin is getting the axe along with a number of other Google services, including photo editor Picnik, Google Message Continuity, Google Sky Map, Needlebase, and the Social Graph API. Since the beginning of the year, Google has been making an effort to chop projects which are not core to the "overall Google experience" or haven't met its expectations. Urchin was founded by Paul Muret and Scott Crosby in 1995.


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