Google To Map LA Pollution Using Street View

Google and air pollution sensor network developer Aclima said Monday that the two are planning to use Google's ubiquitous Street View cars, to help monitor air pollution in Los Angeles, as well as a number of other California cities. According to the two companies, they will equip Google's Street View cars with Aclima's mobile sensor technology, which make air quality measurements. The new partnership will help map out the air quality in Los Angeles at a street-by-street level. The two said the data will be made available via Google Earth. Google uses its Street View cars to capture on-the-ground imagery in cities across the globe, using a package of sensors placed on top of the car. The companies did not say when users should be able to start pulling up that Los Angeles air quality data within Google Earth. Image of a Google Street View car in Pasadena courtesy Karl Franks via Flickr.


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