Greenfield Online Acquired By Microsoft, Local Impact Unclear

Greenfield Online, an online survey and comparison shopping firm based in Wilton Connecticut--with operations in Encino--has been acquired by Microsoft, as part of a Microsoft push into Europe. Microsoft said it acquired Greenfield Online Friday for $486M, and will sell Greenfield's online surveying business (ISS) to an unnamed, third party. Greenfield's online surveying business includes Encino-based GoZing, which was acquired for $30M by Greenfield in 2005. A spokesperson for Greenfield Online declined to answer questions about the current size or impact on its operations in the Los Angeles area. In a regulatory filing from Greenfield, Greenfield told its employees that it does not anticipate significant relocations due to the acquisition, and that it "not currently aware" of any layoffs planned as a result of the transaction, but said that the firm can't speak for the unnamed acquirers of its survey operations.


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