Guardian Circle Taps Your Social Network For Help In A Crisis

Just having one of those days, when you need some help--ie your car broke down, you can't get to daycare to pick up your child, you've got a medical emergency? Marina Del Rey-based Guardian Circle says it has the app for you--a new app which lets you connect with your own personal network of family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and others, who can get you out of a bind. The new take on personal safety apps says that it lets users create a real-time network of people, who can respond to various levels of emergency. The company said that, unlike other "panic" apps and buttons, it instead relies on your circle of friends--rather than traditional government organizations, ie. 911--to provide help. The app was created by startup veterans Mark Jeffrey and Chris Hayes. Jeffrey has previously been at ThisWeekIn, Mahalo, ZeroDegrees, TargetClose, and The Palace; Hayes has been involved with ShoutEngine, ThisNext, and DaVita, among other companies.


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