Honest Company Signs On To White House Effort On Equal Pay

Los Angeles-based Honest Company is one of 44 companies who are backing an effort this week by the current White House, to bolster equal pay efforts in the United States. The Honest Company joined such companies as Adobe, AT&T, Autodesk, eBay, Edison International, Estee Lauder, InterContinental Hotels Group, New Belgium Brewing, and many others in signing the pledge. Honest Company explained, as part of the announcement this week, that "Diversity and gender equity are strategic pillars for our organization, and we are committed to ensuring all employees benefit from a workplace that is inclusive and fair." The Honest Company appeared to be the only, Southern California technology company on the list to join the effort. The current White House and President Obama have been very active on combating pay gap issues in the workforce, both through supporting legislation, Executive Orders, task forces, and other efforts.