Hubber Launches Peer-to-Peer Car Rentals At LAX

Are you tired of paying a lot for parking your car for days on end at Los Angeles International, and ending up with just an empty wallet and a dirty car when you get back? A new, Los Angeles startup, Hubber, has just launched a new service which turns your car into a cash cow for travelers--instead of a cash sink--by letting people rent out their cars from a parking lot at LAX.

Hubber said that it lets members register their vehicles, and get free parking, a free car wash, free fuel service, and a percentage of rental revenue, operated out of the Standard parking lot at LAX. The startup was created by LA resident Paul Davis, a film producer who was traveling for months at a time, both renting fleets of cars for his crews and realizing his own vehicle would be sitting at home unused.

Hubber's service currently lists everything from a Toyota Prius to Lexus HS 250H on its service, with prices ranging from $45 to $60 a day at LAX, and the company says it will soon be opening up its service at SFO, as well. The firm did not say how much of that rental fee goes to users who are offering its cars at LAX.


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