Hulu Adds 170 Episodes Of Doctor Who, Huge Collection Of Other BBC Titles

Los Angeles-based streaming television site Hulu has just injected a huge amount of content into the service, including Doctor Who, Top Gear, Falty Towers, and much more. According to Hulu, it will begin carrying a very long list of BBC titles on Hulu Plus. Hulu will be rolling out the titles over the coming weeks, starting today with more than 170 episodes of the Doctor Who series. Doctor Who is the longest running television series, and is on the eve of its 50th anniversary. The deal also includes spinoffs The Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood. Hulu said it will launch Cumberbatch, a drama and mystery title, Luther, and a number of other titles on September 24th, and roll out a long ptach of comedies on October 1st.