Hulu Launches Personalized Ad Feature

Los Angeles-based Hulu said Monday that it has rolled out a new feature which will let users pick their own commercials mid-stream, flipping any commercial to another advertising choice on its site. According to Hulu, its new Hulu Ad Swap feature will allow users to swap out ads they are watching for another one, which they feel is more relevant to them. The new feature allows users to click to an alternate ad, instead of the one they are currently watching, if they would instead prefer to watch a different commercial from an advertiser. In a blog post, JP Colaco, Hulu's SVP of Advertising, said the new feature will "reduce budget waste for advertisers" and also "drive higher engagement, brand and message recall, likeability, and purchase intent among consumers." Hulu did not say if it intends to use that clickstream of data to further shape personalization of its ads or profiling of its users.