Hydra Axes 15,000 Publishers To Boost Quality

Beverly Hills-based cost-per-action (CPA) advertising network Hydra announced today that the firm has cut over 15,000 of its active publishers, as a part of a bid to increase the quality of its network. The firm said it is looking to better serve the needs of its premium advertisers. The move brings the company's network from 17,000 publishers to just 2,000 of its best performing and highest quality web partners. Hydra has been embarking on an effort to increase the quality of its network since a management buyout in January, as it aims upstream to premium advertisers. The firm said its it looking to serve new advertisers, including AT&T, Aegon, Hotwire and other well-known brands, with the move. The firm has been critical of the overall CPA industry, which relies heavily on such things as offers from nutraceutical diet remedies, cash grant opportunities, and tooth whiteners, and has said it is looking to distance itself from those types of advertiserse.