HyperLoop One Co-founder Seeks Restraining Order From Fellow Executive

Brogan BamBrogan, the co-founder of high profile transportation technology developer HyperLoop One, has requested a temporary restraining order against Chief Legal Officer Afshin Pishevar, and has another lawsuit pending against the company itself, plus co-founder Shervin Pishevar. According to BuzzFeed, the lawsuit relates to harassmen of Bambrogan by Afshin Pishevar. The lawsuits and executive turmoil threaten to overshadow the highly controlled, crafted image that HyperLoop One has attempted to maintain in pushing its development of a transportation system based on the ideas and proposals of Elon Musk for a space age, high speed transport system. BamBrogan mysteriously left HyperLoop one at the end of June. The turmoil comes only a few months after a giant $80M funding round for the company.