Hyperloop One Says Helsinki, Stockholm Could Be Only 28 Minutes Apart

Los Angeles-based technology developer Hyperloop One, which is developing technology to bring Elon Musk's concept of a giant, pneumatic tube to transport people and cargo from city-to-city to life, says it has just released a new study. The new study says that Helsinki and Stockholm could only be 28 minutes apart, if a 500 kilometer, Hyperloop network would link the two cities -- a significant shortcut in time from the current 3.5 hour flight between the cities. Hyperloop One said the study--developed by Hyperloop One, FS Links and KPMG--could potentially generate 1 billion Euroes per year, assuming it was able to complete 43 million passenger trips a year. Hyperloop One has been looking to make the case for implementation of its technology with a large number of governments and other organizations. The company said it estimated the cost of building a Sweden-Finland network at 19 billion Euros. Hyperloop is led by Rob Lloyd.