Idealab Funds Mingly

Pasadena-based Idealab has led a round into LA-spawned Mingly, a developer of software which connects Gmail with a user's social networks. Mingly said it raised $500,000 in a seed round of financing from Idealab, Allen Morgan, Alex Karelin, and other angels Wednesday. The firm--originally based in LA, but now in San Francisco--is headed by Tyler Koblasa, who was involved with Startup Weekend L.A. and Startup Nights here in LOs Angeles. Mingly's software works in Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and lets users organize an address book merging Gmail and social network contacts, provides updates and profiles of users in that address book, and helps alert users to birthdays, job changes, and follow up reminders about contacts. Mingly's software offers similar functionality to software from Gist (now Blackberry), and Nimble. More information »


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