Idealab Ramps Job Hiring

In an unusual move for an otherwise dismal job market, Pasadena-based Idealab is joining the ranks of local companies doing aggressive recruiting of technology talent, saying today that it is running a technology job fair next week for its companies. According to Idealab, it will pitch its various businesses to potential employees at an event on Wednesday, October 12th, in hopes of hiring staff for its startups. Idealab did not say how many positions is is looking to fill, however, the firm joins such companies as ValueClick, Factual, and others who have run recruiting events in recent months to locate difficult-to-find software engineers and other techies in the area. Idealab said ten different firms, including UberMedia, Evolution Robotics, X1, Kaleo, and Perfect Market will all be recruiting at the event. The employment job picture for technology companies is a stark contrast to California's overall unemployment rate of 12.1 percent in August.


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