Idealab's EI Solutions Gets Solar Win In Santa Barbara

EI Solutions, the solar integration startup backed by Pasadena-based Idealab, has scored a win in the City of Santa Barbara. According to Tioga Energy, a renewable energy services provider, and EI Solutions, the two are building and funding a 384 kW DC solar electric system for Santa Barbara. The firms said the system will be installed on roof space on the City of Santa Barbara's corporation yard at Garden and Laguna streets. Tioga will be responsible for operation and maintenance of the system, with EI Solutions responsible for the installation. EI Solutions is based in the Bay Area with sales offices in Pasadena, and is one of a number of energy related companies out of Idealab. Idealab's portfolio firms include Energy Innovations, focused on solar concentrators; eSolar, focused on utlity-scale solar thermal power; and Aptera Motors, a hybrid car startup.